LKFA wedding photography contest


Good news! Happy to announce I was rewarded with 2nd place for category “Bride&Groom” in Latvian Wedding Photographer’s Association (LKFA) yearly contest. You can check a recap from event and all the winners here.

Best wedding photographer of the year 2017 (insert drumroll – congratulations to talented Inta Lankovska) was awarded alongside winners in ten categories: Getting ready, Ceremony, Emotions, Kids, Bride/Groom alone, Bride & Groom, Details, Reception, Humor and All about light.

It is the biggest wedding photography contest in Baltic region taking place for ninth consecutive year. This time it gathered 70 participants who entered 1135 photos. Woah, must have been a hard job to pick the best photos!

Jury: Paul Rogers (UK), Andreas Pollok (Germany), WhiteSmoke studio (UK), Virginia Gimeno (Spain), Linda Alexandriyska (Bulgaria), Gints Freimanis (Latvia). Seems that jury members liked black&white images, because more than half (55%) from Top 30 highest ranked photos are monochrome. Some couples have told me they don’t like black&white photos too much, but I believe that often absence of color can help viewer concentrate on emotions better and therefore make impact more lasting.

Results for my photos:

2nd place in category “Bride & Groom” (from 269 photos).


18th place in category “All about light” (from 89 photos).


19th place in category “Humor” (from 63 photos).


22nd place in category “Bride/Groom alone” (from 153 photos).


25th place in category “All about light” (from 89 photos).


25th place in category “Bride & Groom” (from 269 photos).


26th place in category “Bride/Groom alone” (from 153 photos).


26th place in category “Emotions” (from 85 photos).


28th place in category “Reception” (from 99 photos).


This was the first time I entered LKFA contest and I am grateful that some of my work was noticed and rewarded. Can’t wait what 2018 wedding season will bring! Some dates are still available, so feel free to contact me and I will be happy to get in touch with you.


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